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A day in the life of a trucker

January 13, 2019

My husband owns a logging business, and recently he bought a semi so we could haul our own logs, nuts and bolts, and pulp. Most times he delivers logs to local sawmills or he brings pulpwood to Wisconsin Rapids, but this time he was headed up north to Hayward to deliver a load of hickory to Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets. The drive takes about 4 hours, so Luke asked me to come along to keep him company. I decided to document our day. This is something anyone can (and should do)! Taking pictures throughout a day or trip to tell a story is a great way to document an event or everyday moments while getting creative with your photos.  


We left before dawn to get a good start on the day. Our first stop was the at the jobsite to pick up the hickory. I stayed in the cab while Luke hooked us up.

 It's always good to capture yourself in your story so viewers know who they are listening to! I was able to catch myself in the window reflection while I waited for the trailer to be hooked up.

 Then we headed off slowly down the country roads until we reached the highway. Lots of deer sightings but luckily no Amish to wait for.

 We stopped for a fill up in Black River Falls. If you ever wondered what those ladders were for over by the diesel fill-ups, this one is for you!

 And of course the women's bathroom was not open, so Luke was my look out while I used the men's :) It was now or never! With a rig hauling 98,000 pounds, you just can't pull over anywhere!

 Here's where we are headed!

 Here's our load! Not the best picture, but Luke thought I should have enough pictures for one day, so I felt rushed. Sometimes it's best to explain to your partner what you plan to do if you are taking a "day in the life of". Luke was more patient with me after I reminded him :) You can't expect me to be 8 hours on the road and not keep myself busy with my camera!

 On the road again! This time no stops until we reach Hayward!

 We made it! Soon our hickory wood will be made into grilling pellets for people everywhere to enjoy!




To measure the wood, the truck and trailer get weighed on a scale before and after being unloaded. I wasn't able to get out while we were being unloaded, so my pictures are limited to the reflection in the side mirrors. Only 20 minutes later our crib trailers were empty. Next stop, lunch!



We chose an eating place based on the size of the parking lot since this is the first time we have eaten up by Hayward. We got there just before closing so we had the place to ourselves and enjoyed a western while we dined. The waitress watched me climb out of the truck and told me I looked like a professional! Not bad for my first day!


Home at last! My feet are always happy to step back onto our little piece of earth. 

Riding around on this big rig today made me appreciate truckers even more! Our life wouldn't be so convenient without them. Thank you, over the road drivers, for everything you do and my prayers are with you on the road! Roll on! 



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